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Sophia Tax Law Advisory

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STLA is a national and international operations office, specializing in tax savings, which can reduce how much you or your company pays in taxes. At STLA we use several structures for you and your company to save money on taxes: holding company, family holding company, estate holding company, real estate holding company, rural holding company, holding of interests, family planning, estate planning, succession planning, offshore account, trust, offshore company and family succession. Within the law, we will help you and your company to reduce rental taxes, from 27.5% to 11.33%; totally eliminate costs, fees, fees and inventory expenses; eliminate formal sharing, eliminate ITCMD and inheritance taxes; eliminate taxes on real estate capital gains; guarantee immunity from ITBI in the payment of properties, guarantee immunity in the preparation of deed, eliminate taxes on monthly withdrawals in your company; open offshore companies and also offshore accounts in the country that makes the most sense.

Our services:-

Family Succession

Succession Planning

Wealth Planning

Family Rural Holding

Equity Holding